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Project LIFE



“Project Life” is our vision. We want to reveal the life that a woman is carrying while she struggles with this life changing decision. This can be accomplished by physically using an ultrasound and providing support services at the same time. It is the goal of the Tennessee Action Council to bring a mobile ultrasound unit to Nashville and Middle Tennessee. At the present time there are no such vehicles in our area. The closest one is located in Clarksville. This vital service is needed by every pregnant woman, contemplating abortion, in the greater Nashville area. Because of our state laws a woman has the right to an abortion upon demand. Under no circumstance will we offer an opinion on abortion one way or the other. What we are going to do is give the potential mother the opportunity to see the life that is carried within her. The decision will be her own, but at least she will have important information that is not required to be provided by law in Tennessee.

TAC firmly believes if a woman sees her baby, hears the heartbeat and knows she will have ongoing support the likelihood of her carrying the baby to term will increase dramatically. TAC, along with the pregnancy center, will offer these services free.

Statistics have shown that outside influences are the main reason most women choose abortion. This could be pressure from parents or a spouse, but in most cases it is the boyfriend. These units have the capability for a third party to also see and hear that life. Many times a man will then, realizing the truth, have the courage to step forward and protect their child’s life.

The total cost of the mobile unit, which is really a mobile home, is $133,000.00 and another $50,000.00 for the ultrasound unit build exclusively for sonograms. These units are within medical compliance and also comply with the OSHA and HIPAA regulations.

At the present time TAC has raised about $40,000.00. Once all necessary equipment is purchased, TAC will then lease the unit to a licensed pregnancy center, such as Portico, for the annual fee of $1.00. The pregnancy center will staff the unit with qualified personnel, and have sole responsibility where and how the mobile unit will be used. The pregnancy center will also be responsible for the maintenance and insurance of the vehicle, which TAC will oversee.

This action plan is not based on dollars and cents, but on God given life. All of the men and women involved with TAC believe that Mobile Medical Clinics are one of the most effective ways to reach abortion minded women. This will be a first responder action, by going to, rather than waiting for a pregnancy crisis. Women who are considering abortion are more likely to walk onto a neutrally branded mobile unit than a pregnancy resource center, so going mobile is a highly efficient use of resources. We will be serving the needs of the pregnant woman, and perhaps save a life and in reality isn’t that what our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, called us to do.


We would like to introduce you to

The Tennessee Action Council was formed as a non-profit educational organization to inform and educate Tennesseans on our government and other matters that pertains to our great state.

We have a republic that was intended to provide a representative government.

Do you feel that you are being represented?
Do you feel that your voice is heard?
Are you simply tired of the lies?
Are you tired of holding your nose when you vote?
Are you tired enough to do something about it?

Well the Tennessee Action Council is and has the solution to fix it. We ask all Tennesseans to join us in this endeavor.

This is not about party, it is about principle, and it is about representation.

Too often, we are on the outside looking in with our nose pressed to the glass. Together, we will be as strong as any representative group in the state; think about that, ordinary Tennessee citizens having a voice.

Whether it is a mom or a dad concerned about Nationalization of our Schools, or those just trying to start a business or get a job. You may be that business owner that is over regulated and over worked, needing to cut back to make ends meat. New mandated regulations, which we feel we had no representation; adds to the cost of doing business. They come from every direction and until we unify, there is nothing we can do about it.


The Tennessee Action Council want’s to ensure Tennessee maintains its sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment, to restore the rule of law within the confines of the United States Constitution, and restore our Judeo-Christian values. So we ask you to join us, and as a unified voice we can make this happen.

Please visit our web site www.tn4action.com and click on the Membership Page and helps us reach our goal of 95 counties and a strong membership of 50,000! We can accomplish this if each one of you asks 5 people to stand with us.