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GREAT NEWS: U.S. House passes 20-week abortion ban on anniversary of Gosnell conviction... read more


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"Project LIFE”

"Project LIFE is our vision. We want to reveal the life a woman is carrying while she struggles with this life changing decision. This can be accomplished by physically using an ultrasound and providing support services at the same time.

The goal of the Tennessee Action Council is to bring a mobile ultrasound service to Davidson, Williamson and Rutherford counties. At the present time there are no such vehicles in our area. The closest one is located in Clarksville. This vital service is needed by every pregnant woman, contemplating abortion.

Under no circumstance will we offer an opinion on abortion one way or the other. What we provide to the potential mother is the opportunity to see the life that is carried within her. The decision will be her own.

TAC firmly believes if a woman sees her baby, sees the heartbeat and knows she will have ongoing support the likelihood of her carrying the baby to term will increase dramatically. TAC, along with Portico, a Pregnant Research Center in Murfreesboro, will offer these services free of charge.

Statistics have shown that outside influences are the main reason most women choose abortion. These units have the capability for a third party to also see the baby and see the heartbeat. Many times, the third party that is advocating abortion, will have a change of heart and display the courage to step forward and protect that child’s life.

The total cost of the Mobile Unit, which is really a mobile home, is $133,000.00 and another $50,000.00 for the ultrasound unit that is built exclusively for sonograms. These units are within medical compliance and also comply with the OSHA and HIPPA regulations. At the present time TAC has raised aproxamently $60,000.00. Once all necessary equipment is purchased, TAC will then lease the unit to Portico, for the annual fee of $1.00. Portico will staff the unit with qualified personnel, and have sole responsibility where and how the mobile unit will be used. They will also be responsible for the maintenance and insurance of the vehicle, which TAC will oversee. Portico will incur an annual expense of aproxamently $100,000.00, which is $400.00 a day if the unit is on the road five days a week, which is our goal. TAC will be active in raising financial help, through out the year, to ease some of their financial burden.

The action plan is not based on dollars and cents, but on God, the giver and creator of life. All of the men and women involved with TAC believe that Mobile Medical Clinics are one of the most effective ways to reach women contemplating abortion. Women who are considering an abortion are more likely to walk onto a neutrally branded mobile unit than a pregnancy resource center; going mobile is a highly efficient use of resources. We will be serving the needs of the pregnant woman, and hopefully save a life in the process and in reality isn’t that what our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has called us to do!